Somewhere between Oculus and Cardboard

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the technological advances over the years, allow me to update you: Apple is now in their 9th generation of iPhones, Uber has expanded their world takeover with helicopters, and virtual reality is the newest gold mine for businesses. Virtual reality, in case you really have been detached from technology, is a multimedia, interactional, visual, tool that replicates an environment and gives users the unique opportunity to simulate a physical presence in that environment.

Imagine if you could interact with Mt. Everest from your home, or visit a completely different country without leaving your couch, pretty cool right? Well the innovators over at Quantum Bakery LLC, sure think so, and have developed the first of its kind – a pocket-sized product, that provides users with exclusive access to virtual reality.

What is Figment VR?

With an expected release date of January 2016, Figment VR is a virtual reality viewer, and protective case for iPhones, offering a more convenient way to provide simulated experiences from the palm of your hand. Before this handy product, users only had two options for accessing virtual reality. Oculus, a head-mounted headset that delivers great quality, but requires users to be on a computer. The other is Google Cardboard, a more affordable option than Oculus, but a noticeably bulkier product than Figment VR.

Unlike its predecessors, Figment VR is a sleek 2oz phone case made with soft touch material for a good grip, scratch resistant lenses that ensure durability, and high grade aluminum that guarantees longevity. These cases are designed to protect your iPhone while also bringing your imagination to life. Both lenses are housed in a discreet flip out mechanism that keeps the screen the perfect distance from your eyes, and conveniently folds away when not being used. With it’s ease of use and sleek design, this product is sure to be a hit for not only users but businesses alike.

An awesome marketing tool

As I mentioned before, Figment VR is a potential gold mine for businesses. With the success of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other phone based applications, cell phones are at the forefront of visual content advertising, giving businesses the ability to reach the consumer wherever they are. With close to 100 million iPhone users and videos being one of the top 5 most effective b2b tactics, Figment VR has the an amazing opportunity to blow up big.

One company who did a great job at utilizing VR for their brand is Porsche. Their brilliant team came up with a unique VR marketing campaign that allows users to go for a test drive at the world famous Porsche Experience Center located in Atlanta Georgia, offering a full 360 degree view. Now imagine how you could use VR with your business. For realtors, it may be a chance to give potential home buyers an exclusive 3D view of a home without having to actually be there. For service providers, it can be an awesome way to show your services in action; the possibilities are endless.

It can only get better from here

Figment VR and its potential success is certainly intriguing. Aside from the fact that you can climb Mt. Everest whenever you want, it’s a great marketing tool for businesses who are learning how to leverage visual reality into money making opportunities.

I have a feeling this product is going to make VR explode in popularity when it’s released, so if you want to be apart of the innovative few who take advantage of this emerging technology, I’d strongly suggest doing some research, and seeing how you can incorporate your businesses goals.

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