Recent reports revealed that Samsung has collaborated with UFC for the UFC 212 Event. There are details indicating that Samsung Gear VR will be used, but Sony has planned on joining the race for dominance as well.

It appears that Samsung has taken a notable step and as a part of the Korean company’s initiative to live stream sporting events in virtual reality, Samsung has announced that the UFC 212 event in Brazil this weekend will be the first sporting event to be live streamed on the platform.

Customers can sign up to Samsung’s VR Live Pass and strap on their Gear VR headset to watch 360-degrees virtual reality action with pre and post-event highlights as well as additional VR content, reports the same post.

Moreover, “We’ve always felt that the potential of combining UFC events with virtual reality would give our fans the ultimate enhanced experience,” UFC Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Epstein said in a statement.

On a different note, the first broadcast will be a UFC clash between José Aldo and Max Holloway. The featherweight bout will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 3rd, and mark the first time a UFC fight has been live-streamed in VR.

Samsung will then shift to the X Games in Minneapolis for some live BMX and skateboard coverage starting on July 13th, with the likes of Jimmy Wilkins, Chad Kerley and Jagger Eaton, viewers can expect some, like, totally gnarly backflips and 5-O grinds and finally the Gear VR pass will cover a live music concert with a yet-to-be-announced artist in August, the report added.

For the sports and tech enthusiasts, the competition to dominate the tech industry is rising. For Samsung, it is sparked by their collaborated plan with UFC and X Games to use Samsung Gear VR. As for the rumors, everything should be taken with a grain of salt in mind.

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