Grab your PS Move controllers, pull on your PSVR headset, and get ready to sweat; CCP Games’ Sparc hits PSVR this week and it’s a great workout. There’s not much outside of that big new release, but there is one curious little oddity.

If you missed last week’s releases then you can see them here. UploadVR has also launched the ‘UploadVR PSVR Community’ on PlayStation 4! Join up, find other gamers to play with, and engage in discussions with them.

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Sparc, from CCP Games
Price: $29.99

Sparc is CCP’s first game not set in its EVE universe and marks a huge departure for the company. It’s a VR eSport that’s an actual sport, getting players to step into Tron-like environments and compete in physical games that have you throwing discs at each other and more. It’s a great workout and a lot of fun.

Recommendation: If you like being active in VR this is one for you. Read our full review and tips guide for top-performance.

Sneaky Bears, from WarDucks
Price: $19.99

We’re not sure where sneaky bears came from but it certainly sounds… interesting? Evil teddy bears are coming to rule the world and you’ll have to take them out using a pair of toy guns. So, yeah, it’s a wave shooter.

Recommendation: Only for those not tired of wave shooting.

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