Sparc from CCP Games just launched for PlayStation VR (PSVR) and if you’re considering picking it up you should be warned: it’s pretty intense. After each session (even if it’s only an hour long) I am already sweating and need to take a break. It plays out a lot like a Tron disc battle, except instead of throwing discs you throw glowing orbs at your opponents.

In theory it’s a simple game, but when you start considering the angles of bouncing the ball, strategies of racking up strikes, deflections, dodging, and more — it’s a surprisingly deep experience. And since everything is all about competitive 1v1 multiplayer, you’ll need all the tips you can get to excel. That’s exactly why we reached out to Sigurdur Gunnarsson, a developer at CCP, and combined his advice with our own to help you take control of the court online.

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