There’s no denying the fact that Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, at first glance, looks like nothing more than fan service positioned as a quick cash grab. Take one of the most popular and eagerly anticipated games of the past ten years (Final Fantasy XV,) let players make their own character, and set them loose on a fishing trip with Noctis, the core game’s chief protagonist. It’s a recipe that would likely get the job done on face value alone, but the folks at Square Enix have actually gone a few steps further and turned this into more than just a simple fishing game.

In Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, the premise is pretty simple. You’re a hunter/fisherman that’s on a mission to eradicate all of the big bad monsters lurking beneath the surfaces at all of the various bodies of water. You’ll go on hunts to track down the giant beasts, catching smaller fish along the way, and restore peace to the region.

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