The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is a landmark release for the VR industry. It brings one of the most elaborate and detailed RPGs ever made into VR with full hand-presence and incredibly immersive gameplay so that players can experience it like never before. Typically, you’d think building a game from the ground up for VR is required to have success, but Skyrim VR is proving that ports can be just as wonderful.

In the wake of Skyrim VR (as well as DOOM VFR later this week and Fallout 4 VR later next month — all from Bethesda) we already ran through a quick list of other Bethesda titles we want in VR. I won’t repeat those choices since they’re already top-notch and fully endorsed by us here at UploadVR. But what about outside of those games? What are some of the other picks we’d have for our favorite non-VR games that would fit well in a VR headset?

Titanfall 2

The first time I played Titanfall 2’s campaign it took me a little while to get into it. At first it comes off as “just another” military-themed shooter, but it’s really so much more. In the opening moments your character even undergoes VR training to learn the ways of piloting a mech, which made me immediately wish for a VR version of the game. Hell, we already know the developer, Respawn Entertainment, is working on a VR title so this is actually not that far-fetched.

Sitting in the mech would feel great in VR, since the HUD elements and cockpit are already established, and then running on walls and boosting a jetpack all over the place while aiming with motion controllers would feel fantastic.

Sid Meier’s Civilization

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we need more VR strategy games. Most of the ones we’ve gotten have been made-for-VR and the reality of the fact is that they’re often just too watered down to really have any staying power. So, why not take one of the most prolific and celebrated strategy games of all-time, Civilization, and port it to VR? Let me zoom around the world with a God-mode style view and command my denizens as their rightful ruler.

Sitting back and watching Ghandi nuke me back to the Stone Age in VR would be pretty special.


The fact that Sony hasn’t produced a WipeOut game for PSVR yet is one of life’s greatest mysteries. The high-octane racing game is a perfect fit for the futuristic headset and games like RedOut are already proving the gameplay style works great for VR devices.

With Skyrim VR moving more systems than expected, WipeOut would be an excellent addition to the PSVR’s growing catalog.

Cities: Skylines

The SimCity brand was ran into the ground a bit with the most recent title’s rocky launch, so instead of bringing that classic franchise to VR, let’s adapt the new king of city-planning simulator hill. Gameplay could be functionally identical, but let us maneuver and manipulate buildings using hand-tracked motion controllers.

Kingdoms and Castles looks like it could be a nice holdover until we get Cities: Skylines VR though.


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Developers are still trying to find a way to perfect first-person melee combat in VR. Games like Skyrim VR are proving that it can feel satisfying even if there is a lack of real, tactile feedback when you hit someone, so maybe there is hope yet for a game like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare to get a VR port.

Even just a VR dueling mode would be a great addition — particularly with multiplayer.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Skyrim VR is a great game, but now we just want more. Since adapting Morrowind, Oblivion, and other Elder Scrolls games would involve too much work, why not just add head tracking to The Elder Scrolls Online? It’s already out on both PS4 and PC — with millions of hedset owners on each platform — so I’d wager that people jump at the opportunity to feel even more immersed while exploring Tamriel with others.

Look, I just really want to visit the realm of Morrowind in VR, okay?

Far Cry

Ubisoft’s chief open world exploration game series is just begging for VR support. The game’s are some of the best and most action-packed on the market. It’d be like taking the world of Skyrim VR, but modernizing it, and adding vehicles. Who doesn’t want to fly an airplane, dive out and raid an enemy base, then climb a watchtower to gaze out at the rest of the game world?

Incorporating motion-sickness-free movement would be quite the struggle, though.


What was originally billed as PlayStation’s Halo-killer has fallen off a bit as of late, but Killzone 2 is still one of the best shooters around on PS3. After the excellence of Horizon: Zero Dawn and the unceremonious closure of Guerilla’s Cambridge studio, which was responsible for RIGS, we can’t wait to see what the developer tries to do in VR next.

It’s such a pretty world it’d be a shame not to experience it first-hand with a VR headset.


Blizzard needs to get involved in VR ASAP. They’ve got tons of great IP between Star Craft, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and tons more in their backlog and I would love to embody some of the great cast of characters they’ve built for themselves with Overwatch. It’s still one of the most-played shooters on the market over a year after launch and continues to gain popularity.

The bright, colorful visuals would port over to lower-resolution headsets quite nicely as well.


There’s no way around the fact that BioShock is one of the most influential and groundbreaking video games of all-time. When the first game released 10 years ago it redefined what it meant to play a first-person shooter, especially on consoles, with a gripping narrative, densely detailed world, and riveting story with more twists and turns than a Christopher Nolan film. The ending will forever go down as one of the best in gaming history and the foreboding sense of tension that permeates throughout every scene is palpable. I would absolutely love to play this game again in VR and although I’m of the mind that the original is still the best, getting BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite in VR as well would be perfectly dandy.

So 2K Games, would you kindly port the BioShock series to VR, pretty please?

What are some non-VR games you’d love to see in VR? Let us know down in the comments below!

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