Well, if you really have to make yet another wave shooter you might as well have some fun with it, right? On paper, Time Carnage seems to understand this; travel across space and time and kill exotic enemies in lands long forgotten. Incredibly, though, Wales Interactive’s latest fails to mine even a slither of fun out of its goofy b-movie concept.

Imagine revisiting, say, the Civil War-era with an uzi, or introducing yourself to the cavemen before blowing them up with a rocket launcher. Perhaps not the most progressive use of VR, no, but at least there’s the potential for an entertaining spin of history. Only two of Time Carnage’s four eras actually travel through the past and future, though. The first is a predictable trip back to the prehistoric-era to shoot down some dinosaurs, which is at least a bit better than it was in Ark Park, and the second sees you flung into the far future to do battle with robots.

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