Step just outside the eye of the storm and feel the full force of a category 3 monster. 

Hurricanes – massive geophysical events that can unleash massive destruction with wind speeds over 160 miles per hour and up to 2.4 trillion gallons of rainfall per day. These storms can generate so much energy that when they make landfall, they can produce a storm surge capable of reaching up to 20 feet and extending nearly 100 miles. Of course it goes without saying that this can often result in billions in damage and even death for those unfortunate enough to find themselves in such a predicament.

If for whatever reason you do one day find yourself face to face with such an epic force of nature, having an understanding of what to expect is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of survival. That is what a research project at Hofstra University aims to do with their Category 3 Hurricane Landfall Virtual Reality Simulation.

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