The world’s largest animal rights organization hopes VR’s immersive capabilities can finally put animals and humans on equal terms.

With over 6.5 million active members and supporters spread across the globe, PETA, or the “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” animal rights organization is the largest in existence. According to PETA’s Mobile Clinics Division, in 2017 the massive organization spent a whopping $57,325,933 on just its outreach programs alone, spaying as well as neutering 13,250 cats and dogs in the process.

Whatever your opinion of the association and their methods may be, that’s still an impressive amount of resources being dedicated towards the better treatment of animals. This is due in large part to PETA’s willingness to adopt new methods and technology in order to spread awareness. This includes everything from a series of controversial and risque promotional campaigns designed to specifically stir up conflict, or an official video game for the Nintendo Switch, the organization is no stranger to the “out of the box” advertising mentality.

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